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Want your friends to make plans with you in it? Share your free time schedule

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Tired of asking everyone when they got free time? Why not just look up when they're free

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So Why?

As we get busier, our responsibilities increase. We tend to drift apart from our close friends. Most of the time it's a logistical problem than a relationship problem. Yime makes it easier to maintain your social life.

What happens next?

We're launching in beta with limited users to refine our product. Once you submit your email for an invite, we will eventually invite you. In meanwhile, if you like the concept let us know and invite your friends to do so.

Why not Google Calendar?

Yime makes it easier to input your schedule. While Google calendar is great for professional/personal use. This is meant to let others know when you're free. Think of Yime as an inverse of Google calendar, but easier.

Is it free?

Yes. For foreseeable future it's free.

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